WEED STRAINSBlueberry Kush




Blue Berry Kush

It’s far a Indica dominant cannabis. It is belong to Indica-dominant pressure. In very short time it being
heavy body sensation. It ate up all strain relaxing the frame and thoughts. This plant is firstly comes
from Oregon. This stress is hybrid of blue Berry Kush .that is a famous bedtime stress. It’s far offspring of
blueberry and blueberry kush. Each contain excessive THC .This pressure keep there dad and
mom recognition. It odor genuinely admirable
Lineage:- Indica dominant, Hybrid, THC 17.5, CBD 0.05 ,Berry, candy ,Pine ,Earthy, Fruity
Terpenes:- Pinene, Myrcene, Terpineol, Limonene, Caryophyllene, Flavor, candy, blueberry kush
Results of healing:- Euphoria, ache, pressure, tension, Depression, Muscles pain ,Insomnia
Advantage It is a deep sturdy strain. The Indica sooth the body and muscle tissue. Enjoyable mind also prevent Concerns and overthinking. This Indica a fantastic blueberry smell and taste . A fruity berry blend a
little citrus and earthy undertones . Maximum suggest for night. It clam the mind and pride senses. It’s miles steeply-priced. Medicinal benefits Blueberry is terrific useful for the ones human beings
Who suffers shape tension, melancholy and strain. Most popular in patients who suffers anxiety, stress
and other mental issue. Blue Berry Kush is uplift the temper it’s leaves additionally a first rate for enjoyable. It alleviation pain
and muscle tissue spams extra over nausea. It’s extraordinarily prefers in scientific cannabis. Blue Berry
Kush contain low degree of CBD other stress excessive CBD stage. High supply of energy. The boom
section is very vibrant through. Healing the people who fight with nervous problem
It is a Worthy Strain and fantastic energy. Maintaining the reputation. Its 8 to 10 weeks growth time September and November first week. Ease illnesses an discomfort. Relief chronic pain. Muscles spasms are hard challenge to treat. But blueberry kush is excellent qualities to treat spasms .