Cannabis CapsulesDaily Health & Anxiety CBD Capsules (for People)


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Daily Health & Anxiety CBD Capsules (for People)

These capsules are water-soluble therefore soluble in the digestive tract. This results in your body being able to absorb and utilize almost all of the CBD…NOT TRUE with all forms of or formulas with CBD. This means more relief with less CBD! For example, a 10 mg capsule may have the effectiveness of 20 mg oil CBD. In addition to being HIGHLY ABSORBABLE, RxCBD’s capsules are Full Spectrum & Organic. The CBD in these capsules contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids and other nutrients naturally found in the hemp plant. This is imperative for full benefits of the Hemp plant. – Water-Soluble – 100% BioAvailable – Organic – Non-synthetic – No Toxins – No Heavy Metals – Vegetarian INGREDIENTS: 10mg Hemp CBD

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