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Honeydew Full Gram Dank Vape Cartridge

It is a hybrid cannabis strain that offers up to 18:2
Ratio of CBD 14.3 to TBC 0.51 . Honeydew is indica-dominant .
Doctor recommend this strain to help manage an array of symptoms without intoxicating effects.
• Sweet
• Berry
• Tropical
• Myrcene
• Pinene
• Caryophyllene
• Limonene
Honeydew strain have huge dark green, light brown and hint purple short leaf . honeydew’s h
have tiny red hair that standout overlays of strain
In green and brown colour.
It immediately catches attention smell like sweet
Berry fragrances. Pleasant to the nose it is beautiful fragrant product .Some times have a
Chocolate like scent .
Uses and efforts:-
• Rich in Nutrients
• Reduce blood pressure
• Helpful for bone health
• Improve blood sugar
• Rich electrolytes
• Healthy skin
• Boost immune system
It’s one of the half bread strain.This is a indica.
• It is a sweet sticky substance which is produced by some plants leaves. It is a sweet flesh. This
strain eliminate all the symptoms of migraine in 3 minutes. There is no side effects. It also relief
pain and anxiety maintain Proper digestion

buy honeyDew Full Gram Dank Vape cartridge

proximately 1-2 hours. Providing Relaxation and also help you to focus. Improve Digestion system. It
is full of vitamins, minerals. It contains antioxidants capacity and fibers also. It can be added to wide
variety of dishes.
• Salad
• Dessert
• Breakfast
• Appetizer
• It helps you to weight lose
• make your skin healthy
• Low calorie
• Low fat
• Low cholesterols
• It also helpful in juice’s recipes
This weed can be delighted anybody
Regulates the blood sugar and also
Great for heart. It high in water content
And great as a workout snack.
Honeydew is rich vitamin C and potassium
Hybrid is combination of indica and sativa plants together later farmer use this to increase
the quality of plants.
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