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    • How well do you remember your childhood? Does Strawberry Milk ring a bell? The luscious combination of silken milk with succulent, tarty strawberries comprise the flavor profile of every VQ Pods Strawberry Milk. Puffing on this delicious concoction will take your memory straight back into your childhood, allowing you to embrace the notion of time travel in its fullest essence. Inside of each pod, you can expect a combination of natural flavors and nic salts accordingly. Compatible with your favorite Juul device, you can now expect optimal versatility from each of these products when it comes to using many other similar devices.

      Package contents:

      VQ PODS Strawberry Milk Pods – JUUL Compatible

      Each VQ PODS contains 1mL of eJuice with 5% salt nic by weight.

      Price Per Pod: $2.99

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